Chinatown Dining Week Feature: Viphalay Laos and Thai Restaurant

Last to be profiled: Viphalay Laos and Thai Restaurant located at 10724 95 Street (Stadium location). We sat down with Lily Mounma, the owner of the restaurant.

Tell us a bit more about the restaurant?

This is a family run restaurant that has been passed down to the Mounma siblings, with Lily operating the stadium location. The name “Viphalay” is a combination of three names representing the women of the family: “Vipha” is Mama Mounma, the original chef and the creator of most of the recipes; “Phalay” is Lily’s middle name; and “Vilay” represents Lily’s sister.

How long has the restaurant been open?

The restaurant will be 10 years old in June 2018.

What is the style of cuisine served at the restaurant?

Thai and Laos food. It is a mix of different spices with the addition of fresh ingredients to bring out the flavours of the food.

What makes your restaurant special?

It is the original location (the second location is downtown). We invite people to come enjoy great food that feels just like home.

Why do you think people should dine in Chinatown?

There are tons of restaurants where you can experience different cuisines. And most importantly, it’s affordable!

Do you have any hopes for the future of Edmonton’s Chinatown?

I have lived in McCauley for almost 20 years, and have seen a lot of progress. Chinatown is a safe neighborhood. More activities centered around Chinatown will be good for the businesses and are a chance for people to experience what is being offered.

Check out the special menus offered during the Chinatown Dining Week.

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