Chinatown Dining Week Feature: Tea Bar Cafe

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be featuring each of the 10 businesses who are participating in Chinatown Dining Week, running January 14-24, 2021. All businesses are offering special takeaway deals during this period for $10 and/or $18. Check out all of the menus here.

Next to be profiled: we sat down with Andy Chung of Tea Bar Cafe, 10640 98 Street.

Why did you decide to open the restaurant?

When I first opened the restaurant, there was no bubble tea place in Edmonton. People had to go to Vancouver if they wanted to have bubble tea. Most people didn’t even know what bubble tea was. I chose to name the place Tea Bar Café because I wanted it to be easily recognizable. People know for sure that they can get tea here and I added “bar” because we also have a liquor licence; at night it is a lounge where people can come for drinks, order snacks and even sing karaoke.

How long has the restaurant been open?

21 years.

What is the style of cuisine served at the restaurant?

I serve mainly bubble tea, and snack bar food. It is casual dining.

What makes your restaurant special?

Tea bar Café is the OG bubble tea place in Edmonton. I have been open since 2000 thus, it is the first and longest running bubble tea place in Edmonton. We offer a diverse drink menu accompanied with over 30 food items.

Why do you think people should dine in Chinatown?

Chinatown offers something that is different to other areas of the city, which makes it unique. There is a lot to try and explore in Edmonton’s Chinatown.

Tea Bar Cafe will be offering the following $10 special during Chinatown Dining Week:

Special: 1 Original Egg Waffle and 1 Fresh Fruit Bubble Tea

Check out other special menus, here.

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