Chinatown Dining Week Profile: Lee House

Until the start of Chinatown Dining Week, we’ll be featuring each of the 15 businesses who are participating in this year’s event, running January 26 – February 5, 2023. All businesses are offering special deals during this period for $10 and/or $20. Check out all of the menus here.

Next up is second-time participant Lee House. We sat down with Jayden Cho, Manager with the restaurant.

Why did you decide to open the restaurant?

When I was going to school here in Canada, I met many friends who came from Korea to study. What they missed the most from Korea was home-cooked food, so I used to invite them over to share my mom’s food. My mom is a great cook, and all my friends really loved her dishes. My family decided to open the restaurant to share my mom’s food with anyone who misses Korean home food, and with anyone who wants to try something new!

How long has the restaurant been open?

It’s been 9 years in Chinatown.

What is the style of cuisine served at the restaurant?

We are serving traditional Korean food, nothing fancy, but just like how Korean people would eat at home.

$20 Chinatown Dining Week special from Lee House

What makes your restaurant special?

It is a definition of a family-run small local business; we cook, we serve, and we run the place. My family put our love and passion in this place to create Korean home-style meals, just like how Korean mothers would prepare for their family at home. It is authentic and comforting.

Why do you think people should dine in Chinatown?

Chinatown in located at heart of Edmonton’s downtown. It brought many cultures together, not only Chinese, but Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, etc. It also neighbors many other ethnic groups, such as Ethiopian, Greek, Italian, etc. Visiting Chinatown, not only you will be having authentic Chinese food, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the many other options that you could choose from.

Lee House will be offering the following $20 special during Chinatown Dining Week:

  • Special: Spicy Wok-Tossed Seafood Noodle with 5 Deep Fried Dumplings
  • Orders can be made via phone or in-person
    (780) 438-0790
    10704 97 Street
    Sunday-Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-9pm

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