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97 Street Night Market Menus

One of the highlights of any night market is the food! On August 23, 2014, you can expect tasty Asian-inspired treats from several food trucks, as well as some specialty items from local merchants. It’ll be hard to narrow down your selections!

97 Street Night Market Molly’s Eats feeding the crowd at the 2013 Night Market

Without further adieu, here are the 97 Street Night Market menus:

Molly’s Eats

  • Rou Jia Mo “Chinese Hamburger” – braised pork belly, green onions & cilantro in house made flatbread
  • Niu Rou Jian Bing “Fried Rolls w/ Beef” – braised beef shank, cucumber & green onions wrapped in a green onion pancake
  • Gado Gado Indonesian salad – fresh cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, blanched bean sprouts, fried tofu & hard boiled egg slices in pumpkin seed sauce
  • Pisang Goreng Deep Fried Bananas – ripe bananas, battered & deep fried
  • Thousand Layer Cake – multi-layered sponge cake

Nhon Hoa

  • Combo Cold Cut Sub
  • Juicy Meatball Sub
  • Shredded Chicken and Pork Sub
  • Vietnamese Sausage and Shredded Pork Sub
  • Satay Chicken Sub
  • Satay Beef Sub
  • Teriyaki Chicken Sub
  •  Tofu Sub
  • Vege Shredded Chicken Sub
  • Vege Satay Chicken Sub
  • Vege Satay Beef Sub
  • Spring Rolls
  • Salad Rolls
  • Fresh Fruit Bubble Drinks


  • Gyu-Don Beef (beef rice bowl)
  • Miso Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Teriyaki Philly Steak
  • Yakiniku Wrap
  • Sesame Fish Tacos

We are also happy to have a variety of desserts from Shan Shan Bakery (buns and cookies), Ying Fat Tofu (their famous dessert tofu) and Holy Cow (fresh fruit popsicles).

Make sure to come with an empty stomach!