Chinatown Dining Week Feature: Fuqing Lanzhou Noodles

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be featuring each of the 8 restaurants who are participating in Chinatown Dining Week, running January 17-27, 2019.

Next to be profiled: we sat down with Qin Fuqing, owner of Fuqing Lanzhou Noodles, 10824 97 Street.

Tell us a bit more about the restaurant. 

Lanzhou noodles come from northwestern China, and it’s made by hand-pulling the dough into small strings of noodles. It’s also known as hand-pulled noodles (la-mian, or Lanzhou la-mian). This is the foundation of Lanzhou Noodles, and I have also incorporated my 30 years of culinary experience to make the noodles we serve here. The making of the Lanzhou noodles requires special techniques (the pulling), and therefore it can almost be like a performance!  

How long has the restaurant been open? 

3 years  

What is the style of cuisine served at the restaurant? 

Lanzhou Noodles – a type of Chinese noodles from a place called Lanzhou in northwestern China.

What makes your restaurant special? 

I also serve northeastern Chinese dishes in my restaurant as I am originally from the Heilongjiang Province of China. My menus focus more on the “home-cooked style” of dishes as it reminds me of home.   

Why do you think people should dine in Chinatown? 

People can easily find different types of Chinese/Asian restaurants/cuisines in Chinatown, whereas they tend to be quite spread out in other areas of the city.  

Do you have any hopes for the future of Edmonton’s Chinatown? 

I really hope that Chinatown will become more vibrant and better. I believe that Chinatown has the potential to become one-of-the-kind local feature in Edmonton.

Fuqing Lanzhou Noodles will be offering a 2-course dinner menu for $15 during Chinatown Dining Week. Check it out, along with the other special menus, here.

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