Chinatown Dining Week Profile: Spirit Bistro

Until the start of Chinatown Dining Week, we’ll be featuring each of the 18 businesses who are participating in this year’s event, running January 13-23, 2022. All businesses are offering special deals during this period for $10 and/or $18. Check out all of the menus here.

We interviewed David Yu, Manager of Spirit Bistro. They are participating in Chinatown Dining Week for the first time this year.

Why did you decide to open the restaurant? 

Our family owned and operated a restaurant on the north end of the city for over a decade and we sold it back in 2016. My parents deeply missed the industry and the feeling of being their own boss and owning a restaurant, which ultimately led us into deciding to open up Spirit Bistro.

How long has the restaurant been open?

We have been open for 1 year, since 2020.

Salted Fish Fried Rice and Hot and Sour Soup ($18) Chinatown Dining Week Special (drink not pictured)

What is the style of cuisine served at the restaurant?

Chinese take-out.

What makes your restaurant special?

Although not exclusive to just our business, our whole entire family supports and contributes to the restaurant whether that is through monetary means or through direct work, which has allowed us to provide better food and service to the community.

Why do you think people should dine in Chinatown? 

I believe Chinatown serves as an important location for community building in the city. It allows people from other backgrounds to gain a better understanding of Chinese and Vietnamese food & culture especially through the lenses of earlier immigrants that arrived in Edmonton many years ago. Simultaneously, Chinatown provides newer immigrants and Edmontonians a spot to communicate and to bond with one another (e.g., Dim Sum gatherings, Hotpot).

Big Rice Noodle with Beef and Wonton Soup ($18) Chinatown Dining Week Special (drink not pictured)

What have you changed about your business as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

We have focused primarily on take-out/delivery.

How has your business been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? 

I would say COVID-19 has been a challenge but at the same time has provided us with a lot of opportunities. Many businesses/restaurants have closed in the area since the beginning of the pandemic, which has forced many businesses to think outside of the box or to do unconventional things in order to attract more customers.  

Spirit Bistro will be offering the following $10 and $18 specials during Chinatown Dining Week. They are valid for pick-up only:

$18 Special: Big Rice Noodle with Beef or Chicken with Salted Fish Fried Rice and Wonton Soup or Hot & Sour Soup and Pop or Water

$10 Special: Big Rice Noodle with Beef or Chicken with Salted Fish Fried Rice

Orders can be made via phone or in-person
(780) 425-0183
10824 97 Street, Unit #3
Monday-Thursday 11:30am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 12pm-12am, Sunday 1pm-10pm

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