Chinatown Dining Week Profile: 97 Hot Pot

Until the start of Chinatown Dining Week, we’ll be featuring each of the 18 businesses who are participating in this year’s event, running January 13-23, 2022. All businesses are offering special deals during this period for $10 and/or $18. Check out all of the menus here.

We interviewed the co-owner of 97 Hot Pot, Kai Li, a new addition to Chinatown Dining Week this year.

Why did you decide to open the restaurant?

I was friends with the previous owners, and two of them were selling their shares as they were moving to the next chapter of their lives. I was looking for new opportunities at the time, and the hot pot business had caught my interest. 

How long has the restaurant been open?

The restaurant first opened in 2013, and I took over in August 2021. 

What is the style of cuisine served at the restaurant?

We offer individual hotpots with different Asian-flavoured soup base options, such as Tom Yum Kung (most popular), Malaysian Curry, Japanese Miso, and Szechuan Spicy Chicken. 

Special Lunch Menu ($18) Chinatown Dining Week Special

What makes your restaurant special?

Besides offering individual hotpots, all of our mashed meats are made in-house. We get fresh hot pot ingredient deliveries every day to ensure the freshness of our food. 

Why do you think people should dine in Chinatown?

It’s a place for diners to enjoy authentic and fusion food experiences. Besides the foods, we always make sure we have Chinese décor which adds to the overall dining experience. 

What have you changed about your business as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

We have always made sure all the surface areas are wiped down following the safety protocols. Over at our sauce bar, the sauces are refreshed every 15 – 20 minutes during busy times and every 4 hours during slower times. We have also provided hand sanitizers at different spots in the restaurant. 

How has your business been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

We have had about a 20% decrease in business compared to pre-pandemic. 

97 Hot Pot will be offering the following $18 special during Chinatown Dining Week. They are valid for dine-in only:

$18 Special: Special Lunch Menu (choice of soup base + choice of 6 items + 1 pop), available all day

10602 97 Street
(587) 521-1888
Sunday-Thursday 11am-12am, Friday-Saturday 11am-1am

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